Page 57 Typing Services

Why Page 57?

All businesses require documents such as correspondence, reports, spreadsheets, marketing pitches and presentations, or simply an invoice run produced. Smaller businesses may not have need of (or funds for) a permanent full-time or even part-time secretary or typist and this is where Page 57 can help you. I do not require space within your place of work, be that your office, workshop or even home, thereby saving on overheads such as heating, lighting and insurance, nor will you have to worry about paid holiday, sickness and maternity entitlement or any pension provision.

For the larger business, where secretarial staff are in place already, I can help out with overload typing during particularly busy periods or when your staff are on holiday or unwell, or producing a mailshot to existing or potential customers which your staff might not have the time to do.

The aim of Page 57 is to enable you to keep your costs down and spend your time on your customers, thereby allowing your business to grow.

For students I offer a typing service which will ensure that theses, dissertations or reports are typed quickly, accurately and in the correct format.

Background/About Us

With over 20 years’ experience as a secretary/P.A. in a wide variety of business environments which included accountancy, local government, construction and legal, Helen Page has a wide-ranging understanding of the varied document requirements of the business community. With a further 11 years as a legal document production specialist working for a Top 500 legal firm you can be assured of the confidentiality, quality and competence of the service.